Vancouver Canucks Prospects Update

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1. Brock Boeser, F

How achieved: Was among No. 23 pick in the year 2015 NHL Draft.

Final season: Vancouver; 9 GP, 4-15; In North, Dakota University

[NCAA]: 32 GP, 16-18-34.

Boeser, 20, in the late final season Boeser had a dream of being able to sign a contract not more than 24 hours just after his season ended in college and when he was able to score to score first in the NHL game. The pound wing -191 6- foot -1, came back to the development camp proposing to improve his skating skills and awareness on NHL spot but was never guaranteed.

He realized that things were never going to be easy that is why he always does things in the right manner to put himself on a right side, said the director of player development, Ryan Johnson.

2. Elias Pettersson, C

How attained: Was among the five pick in 2017 NHL Draft.

Final season: Timra [SWE] 43 GP, 19-22-41.

Petterson, 18, is finally moving up to the high level of the Swedish hockey league with Vaxjo after he scored 41 points in 43 games in this second last season. The Canucks always believed that Petterson has an extreme higher ceiling than Cody Glass, who was by the way among the top ten in 2017 NHL Draft by the Vegas Golden.
Vancouver president Trevor Linden once told the TSN 1040 radio that Elias is a gifted kid. Petterson [6-2, 161] has always been more focused on adding muscles, but in the last season, the size was never an issue. Linden said that Petterson had been incredibly understanding with puck protection.

3. Olii JuoIevi, D

How achieved: it was among No. Five picks in 2016 NHL Draft.

Final season: London [OHL]: 58 GP, 10-32-42.

Juolevi uploaded every similar statistics in the last season as for being among the drafted, but his weight ultimately changed. When he was 19, he arrived at the development camp with 198 pounds, up from 179 pounds in the previous year. Additional strength should improve his long-awaited odds of making the NHL this last season. His best chances are to quickly get the pluck moved and the ability to process the game.

4. Jonathan Dahlen, F

It was attained in trade from Ottawa Senators on Feb 27

This season: Timra [SWE]: 45 GP, 25 -19-44.

Dahlen, was among the picked 42 by Ottawa in the year 2016 NHL Draft, in the last season there was a match between him and Petterson, and he might end up there if he doesn’t make the Canucks out of the camp. He should be turning 20 by Dec.[Dahlen]. At the age of 20, he can play in the American Hockey League, but the contract he signed allows him to play in Sweden instead. In the process of adding muscle, the Canucks want him 5-foot -11, 176-pound medium to start the process sooner than later.

NHL is arriving in the next season

5. Thatcher Demko, G.

Was acquired and selected with the 36 pick in 2014 NHL Draft.

Earlier in his first season, he struggled a lot, but he eventually made it big in the second half, with a 913 percentage in the last games. The whole process took two years and left him [6-4, 192] which gave him time to use his size and abilities in significant ways.

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