Two Home Fires Caused by DIY Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Two Ohio families are now left without a home. In the last two weeks, they accidentally burned down their homes trying to get rid of bed bugs by trying to heat their home themselves. Although heat kills bed bugs very efficiently, having the knowledge and experience comes with time and should only be done by experienced technicians. You need to get the heat to the entirety of your home; this means inside walls, inside electrical conduits etc..

Anyone who has dealt with bed bugs knows how difficult it can be to get rid of them entirely. This is a big issue in both apartment complexes and hotels as bed bugs will travel from one suite to another. Canadian Bed Bug has done thousands of heat treatments from homes to commercial buildings.

One woman recently caused a large fire trying to get rid of bed bugs in her own home

In this incident, three people were injured, and ten are now without a home after the Avondale woman tried to kill bed bugs with rubbing alcohol near an open flame.

This is such a big issue that this is the second incident in the last two weeks. In November, another local family had a bed bug fire-related incident. A 13-year-old boy caused a fire when he covered his bed with alcohol in an attempt to get rid of bed bugs for good. This created a serious fire that left his family homeless.

The Red Cross is helping the family get back on their feet. The damage is said to be around $250,000.

Yes, alcohol and heat can kill bed bugs, but it is also a serious fire hazard. It’s best to get professional help to kill these pesky creatures.

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