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How do you get rid of bed bugs in Furry Creek?

Easy. Call us! Our BC Bug, Furry Creek bed bug control team of experts are quick, successful and affordable. Providing care & peace of mind.

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We keep up with the most recent knowledge on how to eradicate bedbugs as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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BC Bug is the only company in Furry Creek & the Lower Mainland offering an extensive service that includes bed and furniture removal, clothes, often a necessary step in the process of ridding your home of bed bugs.

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We prepare all our clients for every step of the bed bug control process to make the elimination of a bedbug infestation as painless as possible for the homeowner.

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We have trained technicians who can confirm whether or not you do have a bed bug infestation, or if you’re sure, we can get to work on solving the problem immediately.

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What are the different Bed Bugs Treatments?

At BC Bug, we provide bed bug removal services that are proven effective at eliminating each and every one of these biting pests, with proven techniques that are known to eliminate any and all signs of bedbugs and their eggs.


Traditional Treatments

The traditional chemical bed bug treatment is still the quickest and effective way to get rid of bedbugs today. Although some preparation is needed, it is still one of the best, which is why we continue to offer it here at BC Bug.


Heat Treatment

Heat treatments for bed bugs in Furry Creek are also a great way of bed bug removal. Although the treatments take longer and are more expensive, it is a way to get rid of your bedbugs with a non-chemical application.


Bed Bug Dog Specialist

In order to eliminate bedbugs, they first have to be located. In select cases, we may bring the most effective bedbug detection tool of all – our trained, educated, thorough, and hairy bedbug dog, named Vana.


Commercial Bed Bug Removal

Bedbugs are not limited to beds and homes. Bedbugs will live anywhere there are people to feed. They are frequently found in hotels and apartments, but may also be found in places with heavy foot traffic that our Furry Creek bed bug removal services can help you with.

What are Bed Bugs?

A bedbug is a small (usually 1mm – 6mm) nocturnal insect of the Cimicidae family. The bed bug lives by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts (hematophagy).

The three top places where pest professionals report finding bedbugs

Single-family homes93%

About Us

Since forming in 2010, BC Bug has treated thousands of homes and commercial buildings. Our clients include Affordable Housing Societies and the BC Housing Foundation, and BC Bug has been featured in BC Business magazine as well as the Globe and Mail.

What Does A Bedbug Infestation Look Like?

Insects can sometimes be more difficult to locate and identify because of their smaller size. In addition, signs of an insect infestation can be similar between species. Bedbugs are one of the best examples of this. These pests are fantastic at hiding, so you may never see a bedbug even when it’s on your property.…

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Breed?

Bed bugs are known – even by many pest control professionals – as one of the most difficult pests to exterminate. There are a number of reasons for this, such as their: Phenomenal Hiding AbilityVery Small SizeAbility To Resist Traditional Extermination Methods Bedbugs can fit into cracks so small that only experts can find them,…

Bedbugs are Survivors – And Always Have Been

Bedbugs were almost entirely eliminated in Canada only a few decades ago. Specific pesticides were highly effective at killing bedbugs, capable of getting into the smallest of cracks and killing not only the bugs, but also their eggs. But bedbugs are back, and they have come back with a vengeance. They are now extremely common…

Why Do Hotels Love Bedbug Heat Treatments?

We often talk about bedbugs as a residential problem. Bedbugs are more commonly caught while traveling, and many homeowners and families unintentionally bring back bedbugs from wherever they were staying, causing them to start an infestation on their property. But the implication there is that there are hotels across the nation that are struggling with…


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