Live bedbugs found in Vancouver library books

This article was originally posted at The Globe and Mail

According to Denise Louzecky at BC Bug, a Vancouver-owned pest control company, books are not ideal places for bugs to live and survive, but they will occasionally nest in them.

“People fall asleep with a book in their bed or on their bedside table,”

Ms. Louzecky explained. She said bugs might choose to nest there because it’s close to where they feed.

Ms. Louzecky said people might want to check books before they bring them home.

“[Bedbugs]resemble an apple seed in size and shape,”

She said, adding that they often leave traces of fecal matter or shed skins where they nest.

Some library patrons were not overly worried about the discovery.

“It’s concerning, but its nothing novel,”

Said Angela Skipper, who noted it’s not uncommon to find bedbugs in Vancouver.

Librarians across jurisdictions are now advising patrons to bag and seal any book that is suspected of being infested and to notify the branch from where it came.

If it’s too late and the bugs have spread, you could always check your local library for books on controlling the pests.

Try The Bed Bug Survival Guide by Jeff Eisenberg. It’s in stock at the Mount Pleasant Branch, and yes, it’s bug-free.

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