How Fast Do Bed Bugs Breed?

Bed bugs are known – even by many pest control professionals – as one of the most difficult pests to exterminate. There are a number of reasons for this, such as their:

  • Phenomenal Hiding Ability
  • Very Small Size
  • Ability To Resist Traditional Extermination Methods

Bedbugs can fit into cracks so small that only experts can find them, and they are able to lay even smaller eggs that can resistant some extermination techniques.

But it’s not just their ability to hide that makes them such a serious problem. The other issue that affects bedbug control is the sheer number of insects in a typical bed bug infestation.

Females can lay around 200-250 eggs during their lifespan. After hatching, her offspring only need a few months before they can start reproducing too. One pregnant female bed bug could be the cause of 5,000 bedbugs in six months.

The Bed Bug Life Cycle

The life cycle of a bed bug is relatively short, but productive, with the following pattern:

  • Egg – Bed bug eggs hatch after six to 17 days of being laid.
  • Nymph – New bed bugs take frequent blood meals in order to grow to adult size, and need anywhere from 21 days to four months to grow enough to reproduce.
  • Adult – Adults usually live up to six months but can live for several years depending on their environment and food availability. They are able to breed as soon as they reach full adulthood and can continue to breed until they die.

There is very little someone who isn’t a pest control professional can do to halt or even slow a bed bug infestation. They thrive and reproduce the most quickly at temperatures that are also comfortable for most people, between 70 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contact BC Bug to Solve Your Bed Bug Problem

Since every single bed bug must be eliminated in order to end an infestation, this extraordinarily high reproduction rate works against property owners. It is why professional exterminators should be contacted as soon as bed bugs are found or even suspected. Even a few days can make a big difference in the size of an infestation and how quickly and effectively it can be removed. If you have a bed bug problem in Vancouver, Victoria, or most of BC, contact BC Bug today.

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