Commercial Bed Bug Removal in Canada

Bed bugs are not limited to beds and homes. Bed bugs will live anywhere there are people to feed.

They are frequently found in hotels and apartments, but may also be found in places with heavy foot traffic, including:

  • Movie Theaters
  • Offices
  • Restaurants

While they prefer the comfort and hiding areas of a home, bed bugs are not picky, and if they find a safe place to hide and ample people on which to feed, they’ll take up residence and start breeding.

That means if you have a business or operate a multi-family housing facility, it is possible to find yourself with a bed bug infestation, and when you do, you need trained and affordable commercial bed bug removal experts that can help eliminate it.

Our Commercial Bed Bug Services
in BC and Lower Mainland

Based in Vancouver, we offer bed bug removal services to businesses across Western Canada. As the most trusted name in bed bug removal, we make sure to offer several commercial bed bug treatment options that are certain to help you eliminate bed bugs and keep your customers, guests, and employees safe and happy. Our treatment options include:


Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Our most popular Vancouver bed bug treatment option is our heat treatment. Bed bugs struggle to withstand extreme heat. We heat up every part of your home – including the furniture, walls, and carpet – to a temperature that is known to be lethal to bed bugs. This treatment takes 6 to 8 hours and is both environmentally friendly and effective for bed bug removal.


Traditional Bed Bug Treatment
When a chemical treatment is necessary, we use the traditional pesticide based bed bug treatment that eliminates bed bugs from all areas of the house. The entire home must be treated with this option, even if bed bugs are not in each room, to ensure that they are unable to hide and wait until the pesticides have dissipated.


Bed Bug Dogs
Bed bug dogs are able to detect bed bugs with 97% accuracy. They are the best choice for those that strongly believe they have bed bugs even though no signs are present, or for determining if a bed bug treatment was effective.

No other company is as dedicated to eliminating bed bugs as Canadian Bed Bug.

And our team is fully trained and licensed to deliver expert bed bug elimination for a cost that won’t hurt your bottom line. If you are in need of commercial bed bug removal, contact us today at 778-945-7777
to find out about our pricing, or to schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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