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Before Canadian Bed Bug comes to your home, please read our preparation sheet (click here  ) that outlines what you need to do before we treat your bed bug problem. Bed bug treatments require some preparation to ensure your items are safe, and bed bugs can be eradicated.


Bed bugs are excellent hiders. If you believe you might have bed bugs, or you have been exposed to bed bugs at a hotel or other location and would like us to inspect your property and belongings, contact us today.

Bed Bug Removal

BC Bug provides full-service furniture and bedding removal before treatment. We also offer several different treatment options so that you can choose the bed bug treatment you prefer, and so that we can eliminate bed bugs with all available methodologies.

There is nothing that takes away your comfort and security quite like a bed bug infestation.

Living with bed bugs can be incredibly stressful, affecting your comfort, your sleep, and your day to day life.

At BC Bug, Canada’s leading bed bug removal service, our team is dedicated to making sure that each and every bed bug in your home is exterminated. Bed bugs are highly resistant pests, which is why we have several treatment options available to ensure that your bed bugs are completely eliminated.

What are the different Bed Bugs Treatments?

Based in Vancouver, BC, we make sure to have several different bed bug treatment options that allow us to eliminate even the most stubborn of bed bug pests. Our services include:


Traditional Bed Bug Treatment
When a chemical treatment is necessary, we use the traditional pesticide based bed bug treatment that eliminates bed bugs from all areas of the house. The entire home must be treated with this option, even if bed bugs are not in each room, to ensure that they are unable to hide and wait until the pesticides have dissipated.


Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Another bed bug treatment option is our heat treatment. Bed bugs struggle to withstand extreme heat. We heat up every part of your home – including the furniture, walls, and carpet – to a temperature that is known to be lethal to bed bugs. This treatment takes 6 to 8 hours and is both environmentally friendly and effective for bed bug removal.


Bed Bug Traps
Bed bug traps are unlikely to remove an entire population, but they do make it possible to test the extent of an infestation both before and after treatment. Using state of the art traps that emit Co2 and heat (which both attract bed bugs), our bed bug traps can ensure that you have bed bugs on your property, and determine next steps if any are found.


Bed Bug Dogs
Bed bug dogs are able to detect bed bugs with 97% accuracy. They are the best choice for those that strongly believe they have bed bugs even though no signs are present, or for determining if a bed bug treatment was effective.

Traditional treatment is the most popular choice in Canada

But we make all of our treatments available so that we can do whatever it takes to eliminate bed bugs from your property.
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