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Bed Bug Removal in Vancouver
Heat Treatment with BC Bug

Bed bugs. They are the pest of nightmares.
They live, breed, and feed indoors. They only come out at night, and they are outstanding hiders – you can be bitten for months, and still have no idea you have a bed bug infestation until it has become almost unmanageable.

At Canadian Bed Bug, we provide bed bug removal services that are proven effective at eliminating each and every one of these biting pests, with proven techniques that are known to eliminate any and all signs of bed bugs and their eggs.

We offer several Vancouver bed bug removal options, but by far our most popular is our heat treatment – an environmentally friendly bed bug treatment that uses heat, rather than chemicals, to eliminate bed bugs from your property.

How Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works


Heat treatment is quickly becoming the most trusted form of bed bug removal in Vancouver, BC. The treatment is also safe for you and your family, and will not harm your belongings.

Bed bugs are resilient. But they do not handle extreme heat. When exposed to about 48°c for 20 minutes, all adult bed bugs will die. When exposed to the same temperature for 90 minutes, their eggs will die as well.

Using a series of industrial heaters and our knowledge of bed bugs and their hiding habits, we will heat your entire home to the correct temperature, killing bed bugs and their eggs completely. We’ll heat walls, beds, and more, so that they are unable to hide, and search your home for signs of bed bugs once completed. We start at 8am and end at 5pm, and by the time we are completed we guarantee that bed bugs will no longer be a problem.

Benefits of Heat Treating Bed Bugs in Vancouver, Canada

Bed bugs are becoming more resistant to chemicals, and the chemicals themselves are toxic and hurt the environment. Our heat treatment system is: 



We can eliminate bed bugs at the same rate as chemical treatments.



There will be no chemical residue anywhere in your home.



Your electronics, books, and other items will not be damaged in treatment.



Heat is capable of penetrating any and all hiding spots – even those you can’t see.

Our bed bug heat treatment is also cost effective, and welcomed by most apartment complexes as well.

If you are struggling with bed bugs and want us to eliminate them from your property, call Canadian Bed Bug today at 778-945-7777 and see why we are the leading bed bug removal service in Vancouver.

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