4 Unconventional Signs of Bedbugs

In order to eliminate bedbugs before they become a significant problem, it is important to stay vigilant. Both commercial and residential properties in Vancouver, CA need to always pay attention to potential bed bug signs, especially if you have a business that can be harmed by the presence of these common pests.

The Common Signs of Bedbugs

Some signs of bedbugs are easier to spot. For example, if you wake up with itchy bumps, or you find blood on your pillow, or you find discarded bedbug skins, there is a good chance you have a bedbug problem. These are the most common signals that a bedbug infestation is present.

But those are not the only signs of bedbugs. Commercial properties, especially, are tasked with figuring out if bedbugs are present when there are no beds. And homeowners in Vancouver, BC can feel as though they have bedbugs but not necessarily see all of the different obvious signs.

Although less common, and not always a sign of bedbugs, there are some other things you or your staff can pay attention to in order to consider whether you should call a bedbug control company in Vancouver to your property.  

  • Musty Odor – While a few bedbugs are unlikely to make much of a scent, a larger infestation may cause you to notice bedbug odor, which is a musty smell that bedbugs release from their scent glands. It is this musty smell that makes it easier for bedbug sniffing dogs (K9 bedbug inspections) to find them.
  • Heavy Presence of Bedbug Eating Pests – Humans are a bedbug delicacy. But bedbugs are a delicacy for many different types of pests, especially house centipedes, that find bedbugs delicious. House centipedes tend to prefer moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens, although they may be found in bedrooms and living spaces. If you’re finding them in bedrooms often, there maybe some delicious food there for them to eat.
  • Weird Rusty Spots on the Walls – Bedbugs leave droppings that look like rusty dirt. When they’re by your bed it may be a bit more obvious. But when they’re inside of your trims and in the cracks and corners of your wall, the droppings may look more like rust spots or mold. Those can still be signs of bedbugs.
  • Unexplained Bedbugs at Next Door Offices/Properties – Though a bit less common, proximity to bedbugs can itself be a sign of bedbugs. For example, if one apartment complex has bedbugs, there is a higher probability that there may be bedbugs in your area as well because bedbugs will travel to nearby locations in search of food. In more condensed areas, like office buildings and apartments, there is a greater likelihood that bedbugs in one place mean that bedbugs may be present nearby.

Although these may be signs of many other challenges, they can also be warning signs that a bedbug invasion is present. The best way to be sure is to partner with a Vancouver bedbug control company, like our team here at BC Bug. Contact us today to get started.

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