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  • Guaranteed bed bug removal
  • Guaranteed same day or next day service
  • Guaranteed price match*
  • Guaranteed call back 30 minutes or less, 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week



  • Guaranteed bed bug removal
  • Guaranteed same day or next day service
  • Guaranteed price match*
  • Guaranteed call back 30 minutes or less, 8am to 8pm, 7 days per week

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What Are The Different Bed Bug Treatments?


At Canada Bed Bug, we provide bed bug removal services that are proven effective at eliminating each and every one of these biting pests, with proven techniques that are known to eliminate any and all signs of bed bugs and their eggs. Including a thorough pre-pest control preparation.



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What are Bed Bugs?

A bedbug is a small (usually 1mm – 6mm) nocturnal insect of the Cimicidae family. The bed bug lives by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts (hematophagy).

The three top places where pest professionals report finding bedbugs

Single-family homes93%

How Do We Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Vancouver?

Our experts confirm if you have bed bugs

Our trained exterminators can confirm if you have a bed bug infestation and get to work on removing the problem immediately, if you do.

Every step in our process is explained

We inform you of every step in our bed bug removal process to make the elimination of an infestation as painless as possible.

Highly trained bed bug control exterminators

We stay up-to-date with the most recent knowledge and strategies on how to eradicate bed bugs as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Removal of Bed Bugs from Furniture

We are the only company in Metro Vancouver offering an extensive service that includes the removal of bed bugs from beds and furniture.

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One family’s campaign against bed bugs  July 29, 2010

I thought they were mosquito bites. Three of them, on my left shoulder. Very, very itchy. Then I woke up with more bites. Spiders, I reasoned. We stripped the bed, washed everything in hot water, vacuumed like devils. My husband came across a mosquito in the bedroom. Ah, yes, must have been mosquitoes after all.

But all along, I had a deep-down gnawing worry that something else was biting us while we were sleeping. I had heard the stories, read the news reports. And when the bites kept coming and I finally called in the dogs, my worst fears were confirmed.

We had bedbugs.

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